WordPress Move – Weekly Update 13

This week was all about testing the plugin in various environments. There are only 2 issues I came across during these tests:

  1. Giving writing permission to backup directories should be handled somehow by the plugin. (Unfortunately, Filesystem API is a no go in this situation)
  2. Database backups created by the plugin causes some plugins to not work correctly under some circumstances. (Thanks DH-Shredder for pointing that one out)
Both of these issues are really easy to solve, though I am not sure what would be the best practice to solve the first one.

Apart from these, now Migration Assistant checks whether your FTP connection details are on file or not before letting the user choose the migration type. Once the FTP connection details are provided, plugin automatically redirects the user to the migration type selection page. Thanks DH-Shredder for suggesting this too 😉

In the following 3 days, I will be working on fixing the issues I have mentioned above and then move onto preparing the documentation and help guides.

See you next week!