This Isn’t Goodbye, This is I’ll See You Again Soon… 

Just pushed the latest “revision” of WP Document Revision into the .org repo (“0.6”).  I’m thinking of this as somewhat of an RC1, and pending any unexpected fires, hope to have a formal 1.0 along with a screencast and some better documentation in the very near future. Slowly transitioning the GSOC repo to end of life, so if you’re playing the home game, be sure to check .org for updates.

Please feel free to install the plugin (all indications suggest that its mature and stable), and let me know your thoughts. I have been configuring WordPress as a document management system for an academic publication, and have even surprised myself at how customizable it is (adding additional fields, changing the word “document” to “article”, fine tuning permissions, etc.).

It goes without saying, that none of this would be possible without the sage wisdom of the WP Document Revisions mentoring team. Special thanks to Mitcho, Jorbin, Duck_, and Nacin for their invaluable guidance, knowledge, and insight. I would also like to thank the WordPress community more broadly for the both the opportunity to give back and for the constant feedback and support throughout the summer.

Thanks for the memories, and rest assured that this is just the beginning, not the end.