Student: Jakub Tyrcha


I live in Krakow, Poland (UTC+2 during the summer). I’m 20 years old and I study Computer Science at the AGH University of Science and Technology. I have been programming for a few years now, and while I mostly concentrated on university projects and algorithm competitions, now is a great time to change it, thanks to Google Summer of Code. In my free time… I almost don’t have any free time – my studies take a lot of my time and when I have some left, I concentrate on programming. I enjoy listening to music and playing computer games.

Project Description:

The Full Throttle Trac Annihilation is different from most other Google Summer of Code projects. Instead of having one particular goal, the task is to close as much Trac issues as possible. After consulting the idea with last year’s student who completed this task – Wojtek, I have decided to go for a lower number than last year’s goal. The main reason for this is the fact, that closing 70 tickets requires closing almost 1 ticket per day – while it may help with some basic tickets, after reviewing the Trac system I came to the conclusion, that there are a lot more serious tickets requiring 2 or 3 days of work, than simple no-brainers.

I would like to focus on custom taxonomies and UI-related issues. My goals for the milestones are as follows:

  • 20 tickets before the first milestone
  • 15 other tickets before the final milestone

This gives 35 trac issues in total. This way, I will be able work on more extensive tasks, while still closing a significant amount of tickets. Of course, in case of completing the project goals faster, I will gladly take on next challenges. When I will be certain about meeting quantity requirements, I will be able to work on bigger tickets (obviously, I’m aiming at tickets marked as non-trivial, but I can’t guarantee to complete 50 “omg hot bbq” tasks 😉 ).

Also, I will be writing and improving unit tests in the same time.

My main interest are tickets related to custom taxonomies, post types and similar, but I am also familiar with WordPress UI and jQuery-related issues. Basically I can work on every aspect of WordPress and feel confident about taking issues from every WP area. I have compiled a list of tickets to look into, it shouldn’t be considered as a final obligation, more as an idea for kinds of tickets that I will be working on:

Taxonomy-related: #16240 , #13710 , #5358 , #11058 if still valid, #12629 or #13606

Other possible tickets: #12302 , #15667 , #12416 , #14238

The interesting part of the task is the fact, that apart from indicating the general ideas of interest, I don’t have to point out particular tickets to complete – thanks to that I will be able to close tickets opened after GSoC beginning as well.

Having worked on many WordPress projects – joining GSoC will be a great chance for me to finally work with the WordPress open source community, and not only use the fruits of its work.

Project Schedule:

First Milestone (July 10) – 20 trac issues tackled. I have decided to do more features on the first milestones – I will be constantly increasing the tickets difficulty, so for the second milestone I am planning less, but more advanced tickets.

Second Milestone (August 15) – another 15 trac issues tackled, hopefully as difficult as possible.

The numbers are still under discussion however, as we are looking into the possibility of decreasing the number of patches in favor of heavy unit testing.

Mentors: Dion Hulse,Jon Cave, Andrew Nacin and Cristi Burka