Sorry for such a late report, but I decided to get back on track with my tasks before I write any reports this week. I kinda succeed, now I got some interesting videos with the new lectures and assignment (quiz/tests) components.

While the lectures are ready, and power up the courseware content in a handbook style…

the assignments component is still in work, though I like the progress, and I hope to finish a beta version by tomorrow…

Some challenges and interesting details you might be interested about:

  • the biggest challenge with the lectures was the back and forth navigation, lucky me hacker, I accidentally found a core function that actually saved me a couple of good hours: the get_page_hierarchy() (solves the pages ordering by running in a O(N) complexity)
  • another challenge was the new proposed quizzes/tests UI, after some feedback from @clioweb we decided to opt for a more server-side solution, on the base of what a JavaScript UI would be much easier to write. Later I found jquery.formbuilder plugin, that suits us perfectly to generate form elements. I forked it and to fix some bugs, add localization support, possible answer(s) fields, and json backend.

On upcoming week, once I finish the new assignment component, I will start working on the features. That, by starting with a clean theme, focused less on social interaction and more on content/ease of use of the website. By the end of next week, I plan to get in touch with the UI theme for an in detail review of the current Coureware UI/UX parts, both for teachers and users. The task with the certification/diploma download part is merged into todo list, because the quizzes/tests feature will offer hooks for the results page, so it will use that functionality.