Student: Benjamin J. Balter

Bio: Ben Balter a J.D./M.B.A. candidate at the George Washington University, a new media fanatic passionate about the power of digital communications, and an information junkie who loves learning new things. Concurrent with my studies, he has been a New Media Fellow, in the Federal Communications Commission’s Office of the Managing Director, where he helps to oversee the relaunch of the agency’s multi-platform web presence, and is in the process of submitting a note to the Public Contract Law Journal, arguing that federal IT procurement practices should be made more amenable to more modern, agile software development methods. When not working or in class, he enjoy tackling otherwise-impossible challenges to sharing information using nothing more than WordPress, duct tape, and occasionally a pack of bubblegum.

Project Description: WP Document Revisions is a document management and version control plugin for the popular content management systemWordPress. Built for time-sensitive and mission-critical projects, teams can collaboratively edit files of any format — text documents, spreadsheets, images, sheet music… anything — all the while, seamlessly tracking the document’s progress as it moves through your organization’s existing workflow.

WP Document Revisions is three things:

  1. document management system (DMS), to track, store, and organize files of any format
  2. collaboration tool to empower teams to collaboratively draft, edit, and refine documents
  3. file hosting solution to publish and securely deliver files to a team, to clients, or to the public
More information, including an overview of top-level features and a screencast of a typical use case is available on the WP Document Revisions page.