This Week’s Assignment 

In addition to your community chats in IRC, working out project details, doing any needed research, etc, this is the week when you get to start playing with your dev environment.

WordPress uses SVN, not git or google code, so for your summer project, so will you. If you are unfamiliar with SVN, read and get yourself caught up. You will be using where your usernames are the magic keys to commit to your student-specific directories. This week, commit something (anything… a plugin, a theme, whatever) into your repo so we know you’re all set up. Leave it there until we tell you to remove it on….

This Trac is set up with each project as a component, and the appropriate student being set as the component owner. You’re going to use Trac the way WP does. For each feature, make a ticket. Track issues there, and when that bit is committed, close the ticket. This week, make a ticket for your component to try it out. The ticket subjet/description should be to check in code to your SVN repo.

Next week, we’ll check to make sure you got something into SVN. If you were successful, we’ll leave a note on your trac ticket that it’s approved (kind of like getting lead dev or ui signoff on a core ticket). At this point, you can close the ticket, and remove the code you checked in. If you started coding early and want to check in your actual early project code instead of a plugin or something, that’s fine.

Next week you’ll create tickets for each of your project’s features.

Note: Jakub Tyrcha, your project will use these tools a little differently, so nab me in IRC sometime this week to discuss.