Final IRC Presentation Schedule

We’ve pushed the presentation dates to August 29-Sept 2, to give the dev community more time to plan to attend and to allow you to get your screenscasts/video demos posted as drafts to

If the below date/time doesn’t work for you, please let me know as soon as you can.

Language Packs, Marko Novakovic: August 29, 16:30 UTC
Local Storage Drafts backup, Mihai Chereji: August 30, 16:00 UTC
Enhanced emails, Wojtek Szutnik: August 30, 16:30 UTC
Extending WP Webservices, Prasath Nadarajah: August 30, 17:00 UTC
Threaded comments, Lukasz Koprowski: August 30, 17:30 UTC
Template Versioning, David Julia: August 30, 18:00 UTC
WordPress Move, Mert Yazicioglu: Sept 1, 16:00 UTC
Document Revisions, Ben Balter: Sept 2, 16:00 UTC, Stas Suscov, Sept 2, 16:30 UTC

@anirudh24seven & @jacobwg, email me with the best date/time for you. Thanks!