Android App UI – the experience and what’s next

Hey guys,

GSoC 2011 has been an awesome experience! Not only was it fun to code but also was a great way to bond with the WordPress community. I was lucky to have to have mentors who were nothing but awesome! I would like to thank them the most!

Initially, I had a few hiccups which were delaying my work on the project. But I was able to bring my project back on track. I learnt a lot of things on the way, and I have been able to implement additional features in my project too, during the GSoC time period.

I was also given commit access to the main project repository. I started working over there once I got access and I have finally updated my GSoC repository with that code.

I would like to take this forward and become a full-time committer to the project, next, so that I can work on future projects for WordPress on Android.

Thank you mentors for your guidance, the community for the support and everyone for the experience! You will be seeing more of me in the near future. 🙂