LocalStorage – impressions, future plans, ideas, roadplan,

Hello world.

Well, this is the last of my updates on this blog, I guess. Let me start by saying this has been a really nice experience. I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit, and has done nothing but to strengthen my resolve to become an active part of the WordPress community.

IMHO, the plug-in turned out really nice. But software is never done, and I’m determined to work on it even further.

First thing, like @wojtekskutnik, I’ll post a call on wp-hackers to help with further testing and feedback.

1.0 will be the version after some further “real-world” testing is done.

Subsequent versions will have the following improvements:

  • multiple versions backed up for each post (right now the plug-in saves the latest autosave and the latest “final” version). On request, the user will be able to see each one.
  • a meta-box which will hold a button to manually “Save to localStorage”, the previous versions, and a button to delete any (or all) the versions.
  • leveraging Application Cache to keep an editor in browser cache. On connection down, clicking on “Add post” will bring up this minimal editor.
  • Integration with core, hopefully for 3.4.
Thanks a lot to my mentors, and I hope the community will find my work useful. Have a nice end-of-summer, everyone 🙂