WordPress Move – Weekly Update 16

This past week I…

  • Made a few additions and corrections on the documentation.
  • Reorganized and rewrote description of some of the settings on the plugin’s settings page.
  • Fixed a few small bugs and a major bug causing 90% of the database get not backed up. To fix it, I made several changes (like using prepare() function instead of adding slashes myself) but the main change was using serialization while creating database backups. The regular expression I wrote to read queries from the database backup was causing problems so I thought that the easiest solution would be storing queries inside an array and serializing it while backing up and then unserializing while importing. This might not be the best practice (due to the slight increase in file size) but at least this method will work on all databases without a problem and is faster as it doesn’t need to parse a backup file. I think a slight increase in file size is an acceptable trade-off in this case.

Plugin is almost complete right now. We will be having a meeting in a few hours with my mentor to review the code to see if any further changes are necessary. Then I will tag the code as final and submit it to the WordPress Plugin Directory. I will continue developing this plugin after the Google Summer of Code too, so stay tuned for some cool features afterwards 😉