Theme Versioning Week 16

Wow, where to even start- I’ve gotten so much done this week.
I finished implementing the new UI which looks a lot more like the core UI (see screenshot below):

Theme Versioning New UI

Theme Versioning Plugin's New UI

The following are the main points of what I have been doing this week:

  • Testing, testing, testing
  • I’ve fixed the bugs that cropped up (thanks to ocean90 for testing it so rigorously)
  • Added tons of inline code comments including phpdoc style comments
  • Generated php docs
  • Wrote a user doc -thanks to Mert, his user docs served as a great template 🙂
  • Added internationalization and translator comments
  • Got rid of useless old code that somehow stuck around from iterations long ago
  • Cleaned up code, got rid of some commented-out debugging code

All in all, a very productive week. I couldn’t be happier 🙂