Enhanced Emails – weekly update

After posting the 0.2 release notice I forgot to post the weekly update – sorry for the 24 h delay 🙂

Since GSoC is coming to an end, I’m glad that despite my health problems during the first part of GSoC I was able to pull it off and meet the project goals. The 0.2 release takes care of the most important bugs of 0.1 and introduces support for all major email clients, desktop and mobile. Litmus proved that the design does well on *all* platforms and even Symbian handles them quite well 😉 I will be releasing 0.2.1 this weekend, with some minor bugfixes, a few template handling improvements and some small naming changes.

One thing that I’m unhappy with is the fact, that I wasn’t able to do much work with the UI team – and because of wcsf I wasn’t able to get much input on the 0.2 version last week, either. I’m sure there will be plenty of input later and I’ll be happy to keep working on the improvements.

@westi mentioned that he’d like to see this project incorporated to the core – I’d personally love to see it in 3.4 and will do everything to keep improving it as long as it’s needed. All comments and remarks are highly welcome – I’d like to get the best out of the project and with the proper input – I’m sure we’ll be able to finally incorporate html e-mails support for WP 🙂

I would like to thank @justin and @aarondcampbell – you were both very helpful and I knew that I could rely on your help and friendly suggestions during the whole summer. The same goes for Mo Jangda – our e-mail conversations helped me a lot, cheers!