File Uploader, Week 15

The uploader project is basically done! Here’s what was changed by this project:

  • The uploading backend was changed from swfupload to plupload
  • The basic uploader was removed (plupload will auto-fallback to basic if it must)
  • HTML5 and Silverlight were added (to the existing Flash) as uploader runtimes
  • The existing uploading UI was left unchanged
  • Drag and drop was enabled in plupload for runtimes that support it
  • A “resize to large image size” option was added allowing for images larger than the large size to be scaled on upload
  • That resize feature will scale the image pre-upload if the runtime supports that feature
  • (indirectly) Pre-upload in-browser file manipulation is now possible thanks to plupload’s JavaScript APIs

The code has been committed to core – as I understand, there still may be more improvements to WordPress’s media handling before 3.3’s release, but my project’s part of the improvements is done.

P.S. Sorry about the late update – I was away from my computer all day yesterday with my family.