Template Versioning Week 15

Hi guys, I’ve made a lot of progress this week.

I’ve implemented the lazy loading functionality that I had been working on (which was more of a pain than you might expect due to the extra code needed in the database VCS).

I have also cleaned up the code a lot and the code written going forward should conform more strictly to WordPress standards thanks to a crash course in WordPress coding standards by my awesome mentor ocean90 (Dominik Schilling).

I’d really like for people to test it out- there’s one little annoyance with the lazy loading.
Because I’m using a select element and loading things into it dynamically via jQuery, the scrollbar resets to the top of the select box upon every addition of revisions. I’m considering redoing this part of the UI in order to have the scroll bar position persist through the addition of revision information. I might even make it look a bit more like the document revisions’ styling for a more consistent look and feel.

I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts.

Update: Definitely going forward with the revised UI!