Enhanced Emails – Weekly Update v0.2

Ahoy! As usual, there’s good news and bad news. Bad news is, that I’m already a few days behind the date I set for 0.2 last week. The good news is, that there is only one bug left until I will be able to commit the code to the plugin repo (I screwed up the template hierarchy update, should take me a few hours to fix that).

So, here’s what’s cookin’. I have:

  • Refactored template hierarchy methods (I have changed the way that the plugin is looking for templates to use)
  • Added output sanitization (embarassing 0.1 defect pointed out by westi 😉 )
  • Changed the template handling functions (removing the use of output buffer)
  • Added general layout to avoid html duplication
  • Tested the plugin on Android, IPhone and desktop clients (there are improvements over 0.1 but there will be some more)
  • Improved CSS in a few places
  • Changed my wp_mail wrapper to fit current wp_mail even more strictly (basically, now you can use exactly the same arguments)
  • Improved documentation and plugin descriptions
  • Started working on some basic info for developers
Expect 0.2 to go live on http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/enhanced-emails/ somewhere between today and tomorrow.
I was thinking about making the MU emails pluggable and having them use Enhanced Emails as well as a task for last week. What do you think?