Been getting lots of great feedback from the community and just pushed the 8th “revision” into the Plugin Repository (nearly 350 downloads of the beta to date!). The project is ahead of schedule and in a good, stable place — just testing and waiting on feedback at this point. Have a big deliverable due in a few weeks, and have been using WP Document Revisions to track its progress and to get a first-hand feel for how things work in the wild.
A handful of minor fixes and enhancements this week to clear out the bulk of the backlog:
  • Removed “Private:” and “Protected” from feed titles
  • Fixed bug where all RSS feed entries would link to the post rather than the particular revision
  • Fixed bug where revision summaries on RSS feed were not accurate
  • Removed “Continue Reading…” from RSS feed excerpts
  • Better permission checks on revision downloading
  • Fixed deprecated notice
  • Added a custom post type icon
  • Fixed live timestamp formatting / i18n