Android app – Weekly Update

I am really sorry for this late update but last week was the one where companies come to my college and offer jobs. I had to spend all my time preparing and thankfully, I did get placed quickly. That means that I am free once again and will be able to work properly. Since only about 2 weeks are remaining, I’ll ensure that my gsoc work is given highest priority once again.

There have been some issues of the Dashboard scaling to all sizes and I have been trying to sort it out over the weekend. This is the point where my mentor Dan Roundhill and myself have to start working together, so that we can push it into the main release. My mentor has already started working on it while I am beginning only now. There is also the issue of cleaning up the code and bringing in design changes too.

I wouldn’t want to take any risk and I am planning to finish all that is required by the end of this week. I will begin documentation work after that.