WordPress Move – Weekly Update 12

This week, I made many changes on the plugin mostly to increase the quality of the code and the ease of use:
  • Replaced GET forms used in Migration Assistant pages with more descriptive and prettier interfaces.
  • Replaced handwritten submit buttons with submit_button().
  • Shortened the function that generates the Backup Manager page by rewriting the section that uses some redundant code.
  • Fixed a bug causing Advanced Migration to produce backups that are 4 times bigger than the size they should be.
  • Fixed a bug causing Simple Migration to not include empty directories.
  • Fixed a bug causing Advanced Migration to not include empty directories.
  • Added WPMOVE_BACKUP_DIR and WPMOVE_OLD_BACKUP_DIR to the arrays of directories to ommit which are passed to the functions generating lists of files to backup. This makes it possible to change backup directories and still not include them in backups.
  • Users will now see a loading message until the file tree completes loading and they will not watch the file tree load.
  • File tree is not displayed by default, so users without JS will not see two different file trees.
  • Backup Manager now displays a row reading “No backup files found.” if there are no backup files to display.
  • The word “change” is replaced with the word “domain” which was being used in the URL of domain name change page.
  • Replaced “…completed successfully” with “…completed” on pages where the details of the operation is printed.
  • Added “Select All” and “Unselect All” buttons for the file tree on the Advanced Migration page.
  • Complete the Migration page now uses the list table layout Backup Manager has been using if there are files to use to complete the migration.
  • Changed the title of the Settings page of the plugin to “WordPress Move Settings”.
  • Added descriptions for settings on the settings page.
  • Added more clear and detailed instructions and explanations to Migration Assistant pages.
  • Updated the POT file.
Apart from these, I made tests on different installations which went pretty good. I did not encounter any problems but DH-Shredder told me on the IRC channel that he did so I will get in touch with him to fix the bug that caused the problem.

The following week, I will keep hunting for bugs and testing the plugin on various installations. Any help on testing the plugin is much appreciated!

See you next week!