During last week I wrote an in details post about what was achieved during this midterm. Courseware got featured on wpmu.org. I received some feedback from early testers, things that I fixed (like support for Tamil or other languages of such kind and ability to add embeds into quiz questions, last one thanks to @Viper), a new localisation: French and some BuddyPress 1.3 bugs fixed.

Tomorrow there’s an IRC chat scheduled for discussing further details. For this second part of GSoC I plan to help where I can test BuddyPress, and work closer with @lamejjj and @jane on the .org specific tasks.

There was an interesting question about SCORM support in Courseware: well, right now, the answer is NO, but all this just because SCORM is only a data exchange format, and while Courseware follows the learning object model proposed and used by SCORM, writing the SCORM support layer is a matter of time and not a GSoC task priority!