Had a great strategy chat last Wednesday with the mentors three to answer some big-picture questions and map out the second half of the summer as they provided some very, very helpful feedback through a deep-code review.

Added WP Document Revisions to the WordPress.org Plugin Repository to gain some additional community feedback and it’s already been downloaded 150 times.

Beyond that, lots of changes this week (69 to be exact!):

  • Cleaned up HTML 5 Notifications code
  • Cleaned up on-screen notification text
  • Cleaned up formatting on the document edit screen
  • Performance improvements on some helper functions
  • I18n Fixes
  • W h i t e s p a c e  i m p r o v e m e n t s
  • Feed authentication improvements
  • UI/UX enhancements
The full list of this week’s successes is available on trac.