WordPress Move – Weekly Update 11

This week I fixed all of the bugs/problems I am aware of and also made some slight enhancements:

  1. Fixed a JS related bug, causing most of the JS functions in the ACP to stop working properly. That was because I forgot to add page identifier to the function that loads the JS code that initializes the file tree used in the Advanced Migration page.
  2. Removed a default value for a setting which was kind of confusing.
  3. Replaced wordpress-move with basename( dirname( __FILE__ ) ) in constant definitions.
  4. Added a new constant: WPMOVE_URL
  5. Replaced the old and buggy AJAX file tree with a bug-free, feature-rich JS file tree which works like a charm now. Thanks Stas Suşcov for pointing out jsTree 😉
I made these fixes during the midterm period, so the version tagged as midterm in the repo does not have them. For the latest state of the plugin, please checkout the version in the trunk.

See you later!