Project Review IRC Chats

Project review IRC chats with the dev community next week!  Draft schedule is as follows.  If you have a serious conflict with your assigned time/date, leave a comment here so I can address it:

Thursday July 21, 15:00 UTC:
Refresh Android app UI, Anirudh S. (primary mentor @danroundhill)
Extending WP Webservices, Prasath Nadarajah (primary mentor @wanagi)

Thursday July 21, 16:00 UTC:
Enhanced emails, Wojtek Szutnik (primary mentor @aarondcampbell), Stas Suscov (primary mentor @johnjamesjacoby)

Thursday July 21, 17:00 UTC:
Document Revisions, Ben Balter (primary mentor @mitchoyoshitaka)
Local Storage Drafts backup, Mihai Chereji (primary mentor @filosofo)

Friday, July 22, 16:00 UTC:
Template Versioning, David Julia (primary mentor @ocean90)
File uploader Upgrade, Jacob Gillespie (primary mentor @dkoopersmith)

Friday, July 22, 17:00 UTC:
Language Packs, Marko Novakovic (primary mentor @nacin)
WordPress Move, Mert Yazicioglu (primary mentor @developersmind)

Monday, July 25, 16:00 UTC:
Threaded comments, Lukasz Koprowski (primary mentor @westi)