Android App – Weekly Update

This week saw a major overhaul in the app as it was the midterm phase week and all features had to be implemented.

Most importantly, I have brought in the feature of using the blog as a parameter for all operations, as suggested by my mentors. This means that the user need not choose the blog in the beginning and can choose it whenever he wants. The current blog in the Spinner specifies which blog the operation is being performed upon. The user can also set a default blog that he/she would like to move around with.

This change in the workflow created more bugs in the program than I expected, and it took me quite some time to fix them all. There were also a few bugs, which I had missed out earlier, like Drafts crashing when no Drafts were present.

I also have ensured that pressing the Back button during Full screen, returns the app to the edit section and saves the text in the Content textbox.

Another change is that, pressing the + button in the Action Bar now invokes a dropdown list of options that include adding post, pages, photos(from camera and gallery) and videos (from camera and gallery). I am having a few bugs in it though and am working on it. I am also having a few problems while trying to make the Dashboard as the first screen of the app. (It displays a button, right now. Will remove it, once I fix this problem.)

To summarize, I’d say that all features have been successfully implemented by midterm, but there are a few bugs that I myself know of, and am fixing it.

I’d be expecting bug reports/feedbacks from the community on my prototype from next week, which I’d have to work upon. I also would have to start polishing my app, to make it look awesome and I think my mentor, Isaac Keyet would help me out with this. 🙂  I’ll post screenshots then.