Language Packs – Update 11 – July, 14th, 2011

This week I have finished tickets:

  • Ticket #102: List all plugins and themes by class WP_List_Table
  • Ticket #160: Implement rest functions from language-packs.class.php
  • Ticket #161: Implement Skins in class-lp-upgrader.php
  • Ticket #162: Add additional fields to database similar to plugin and theme checker in the core

I have a prototype of the final plugin’s look, which has 3 functional pages and “about” page.

The first is settings page:

The second is plugins page:

The third is is themes page:

Plugins and themes pages now randomly notify users to install, delete or update language packs.
In the final version of plugin upgrade, install, and delete process will be similar to these processes for plugins and themes.
I have written all needed code, and I need about two weeks to plugin will be fully functional.
In testing phase I plan to test all functions, by the bottom up principle, from the least dependent, to the most.
Functions for old GUI, settings API and classes in includes/locale.php are fully tested.
I need to test all other functions from the main class LanguagePacks and classes from includes/class-lp-upgrader.php, LP_Plugins_List_Table and LP_Themes_List_Table.
I will submit the graph of dependency of functions among all classes in the next week.