As you all know, I have spent most of June on recovering from a heavy back injury and I have lost over a month of GSoC time. There was a high probability that I wouldn’t be able to deliever the scheduled release on time, so I’m extremely happy to announce the 0.1 release of the Enhanced Emails plugin. It was a very hard time for me and I’m really glad that all went well. You can checkout the code from the GSoC 2011 repo.

So, how exactly does it work?

The plugin uses a tweaked version of Ryan McCue’s #15446 patch hence the pluggable.php file. The patch is supposed to make it to the core soon and I will be able to remove the wp_mail override then. I tried to make the eemails_wp_mail wrapper work as close to wp_mail as possible, to allow easy use in plugins and make future merging with the core easier 😉

We have a global “Use HTML Emails” setting:

as well as a per-user setting:

These settings will be ignored in the alpha version and HTML e-mails are always used, due to the fact that I want to push the “use html” “if” into wp_mail, to make it work for multiple recipients.

Have a look at the current HTML E-mails, generated with the plugin enabled:

Noticed the “action link” bar at the bottom? It’s fully customizable. I tried to make the wrapper as easy to use as possible, and to customize the action links for any e-mail, you just use the following array:

'link'=> '',
'text'=>__('Simply red')

and put as many of them as you like in the “action_links” argument 😉 You can use eemails_wp_mail just as you would use wp_mail and it will work great! If you use the default template, the engine will try to fit your text message to work well with the generic HTML layout.

I encourage all of you to try the plugin as soon as possible and report as many bugs as you can find!

And, as a formality, my GSoC 2011 schedule checklist:

design the html email looks
code the designs in HTML/CSS
code functions responsible for template hierarchy
create a generic theme
create the action-dependant files
add the management features
(as mentioned, I skipped the one-liner “if” intentionally, the rest of the settings mechanics is here)

I already did some testing under Gmail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Android. During the second GSoC stage I will be probably improving the styling to fit the mobile devices, but it’s already readable and there are no significant problems with floats, padding etc.

Also, I would like to give a big thank you to Andrew Nacin, Aaron Campbell, Justin Shreve and Mohammad Jangda (random order 😉 ) for helping me with the project!

For the rest of the week I will be improving documentation and fixing bugs.


cheers and good luck with preparing your projects for midterms!