WordPress Move – Weekly Update 10

Last night, after committing the files to the repo and closing the ticket, I experienced some connection problems so couldn’t post this then. I hope that’s okay.

On Monday, I completed creating user interfaces for the plugin. However, it was not user friendly and mostly aimed to make testing the plugin possible.

On Wednesday, I completed internationalizing the plugin. Every single text can now be translated by generating .mo file using the POT file provided under the lang directory.

On Friday, I finalized the UI. Deleted WP Move menu and moved Migration Assistant and Backup Manager to the Tools menu and Settings menu item to the Settings menu, renaming it to WordPress Move. Advanced Migration now has a AJAX file tree to select files to backup. It also has the old method as a fallback where JS is disabled. Backup Manager also now has a new design to match WP List Table. I didn’t use WP List Table itself because since it doesn’t have an API yet, it is complicated right now and its code is most probably subject to change. I will rebuild it once an API is available.

Other than the UI stuff, I started to use nonce fields for extra security in forms and made some changes on improving handling the data validation.

Plugin is usable right now but I do not recommend using it on a live website for now as there might be bugs. I will go over the code in the weekend and will start testing it on various platforms to fix potential bugs after the midterm. Further security enhancements, preparing help guides and documentation will also be done after the midterm.

Many thanks to everyone who helped me along the way; my mentors Pete and Brian, Chelsea from UI, Nacin and people in IRC channels. Your helps are much appreciated!

See you after the midterm!

PS: The last revision before the midterm is under the midterm tag in the repo.