Language Packs – Update 10 – July, 7th, 2011

This week I have done a lot of things.

On the API endpoint side I have done tickets and branched new version 0.1.5:

  • Ticket #151: Merge po and mo files to one zip file
  • Ticket #159: Checking revision in the API endpoint similar to plugin and theme check in WP core

On the plugin side I have implemented functions for these tickets and branched new version 0.1.5:

  • Ticket #103: Load all text domains for plugins and themes
  • Ticket #104: Adding possibilities to download po and mo file from server
  • Ticket #127: Support for Notification on update-core.php

I have worked also on the new GUI (Ticket #102: List all plugins and themes by class WP_List_Table) and the final modifications for the new GUI I will do in the testing phase, because all new code depends on it.

I have three new tasks for the next week:

  • Ticket #160: Implement rest functions from language-packs.class.php
  • Ticket #161: Implement Skins in class-lp-upgrader.php
  • Ticket #162: Add additional fields to database similar to plugin and theme checker in the core

With these three contributions I am attaining deliverable for the coding phase of GSoC.

I will also publish the plan for the testing phase in the next week.