Last week was pretty good.

The plugin now has a component that loads on all admin pages and checks if you have backed up pages and syncs if it needs to.

It also checks when an autosave request fails in the post editor, and also sends a dummy request when you press the “Publish” button.

(this part was also posted here but I might as well copy-paste it, as this blog gets a lot more visitors)

@mitchoyoshitaka believes that when the server is not reachable, the “Publish/Update” buttons should be greyed out. I think a notification that the post will be submitted later suffices, and greying out the buttons detters the user from clicking, and (part of) what I’m trying to do is to make it ok to push that button even when offline.

We’d both love some more input from more UX-savvy people.

This week I’ll work on some user notifications and some bugs to bring it to a really usable version before midterm 🙂