WordPress Move – Weekly Update 9

Last week’s task was writing importing routines that will take place on the new server. Since this was a really easy task, I decided to start building the plugin. And the version in the repository is capable of completing the migration process by importing database backups and extracting filesystem backups. Also it can change every instance of the domain name inside the database to make changing domain name easier. When GSoC completes, WordPress Move should be able to:

  1. Change the domain name
  2. Start the migration (creates backups and uploads them to the new server)
  3. Complete the migration (processes uploaded backups on the new server)
And so far, it is capable of doing 2/3 of them. The only feature that needs to be implemented is the second one which is what I am currently working on. It is almost complete but I am still experiencing some issues with establishing an FTP connection. I will be working on finding a solution about it in the next few days.

If you want to test plugin’s domain name changing capability, you can go ahead and install the version in the repository. I made slight changes on the code afterwards but they are not that important.

So things are getting together and we are getting closer to the beta release. UI is not pretty at all right now because my first priority is getting features working. But the final version will have a pretty nice UI, I promise that.

That’s all for this week, see you!