WordPress Android App – Weekly Update

I have worked more on functional features and less on UI this week. So I don’t think screenshots are required. Will commit the latest source code into my svn repo soon.

I have finally pulled drafts out of posts this week. I can now display them under a separate view, which is much more convenient for the user. It displays only the drafts written from the mobile though (Local Drafts). I also tried to bring in Drafts from the WordPress website but it seems that I’d break up a lot of other stuff while doing so. I don’t think I will proceed in that direction next week unless absolutely needed.

I have also removed the wordpress logo from the action bar and have replaced it with the blog name and the blavatar, as suggested.

I am working on the refresh all feature too. Some problems there and I think I’ll get it fixed shortly. I am also working on shifting my code to wpAndroid.java. Need a little more discussion on that.

I discussed a lot about the UI with my other mentor, Isaac Keyet too. I am planning on bringing back Add Media feature to the dashboard. So that will be one of my jobs for the next week. I will be changing most of the UI (icons and buttons) next week, with the help of Isaac Keyet.

I realize that the mid-term phase is nearby and I will be bringing all planned features into the app and make the prototype complete, soon.

I also had the irc chat this week, which was supposed to be held in the beginning. I would love it if more people from the WordPress community can give their feedback about the app as I didn’t get much feedback in the irc chat.