Theme Versioning Week 9

Hi all!

Progress Thus Far

This past week I made a few little improvements to the UI, refined the VCSAdapter Interface, and have gained some major ground with integrating external VCSAdapter plugins. Currently the adapters are being stored and accessed using the options and settings APIs, and I have the default adapter as well as the dummy adapters registering themselves through the provided theme_versioning_register_adapter method.

Current Tasks

Currently I am working out how to use the Reflection API to include the proper external adapter files and to make the use of the external adapters run smoothly in general. I plan on having this all sorted out by the end of the week, at which point I will have a deliverable that works with external adapters!

Plan for next week

I had a good skype-chat with my mentors last night during which we have tentatively decided that I should make some revisions to the UI to make it feel a little more native. Apparently popup windows went out of style with AOL and dial-up :). After I make a few of those changes (probably early next week) I’d like to have the UI guys review it.