WordPress Move – Weekly Update 8

As you know, last week’s task was writing tools for uploading files to the new server. After some discussions with both of my mentors, we decided WP Filesystem has everything I will need so we closed that task.

Also, during the same discussion, they told me to make sure the whole process is secure enough. We came up with several different methods but have not made the decision yet, so we are still open to new ideas as I stated on the blog post I requested feedback.

This week, I will be working on writing importing routines that will take place on the new server. So far, I have created the base of the plugin, so what I will do is basically putting together functions to build the whole importing process. As a side note, I completed the URL changing procedure completely, including the user interface and it is working like a charm. I also created the settings page and everything else the plugin needs in order to run.

To conclude, tasks become a lot more fun starting this week as I will be releasing the first installable form of the plugin on Tuesday as the outcome of this week’s task.

That is all for this post, see you next week!