The source code of the original app was…

The source code of the original app was made a little more “cleaner” by my mentor, this week. There were some new naming conventions, so I ported all my changes to the new source code and have uploaded it.

I tried out different themes for the app but after discussing with my mentor, I realized that it would be best to stick to something that is similar to the WordPress website to provide uniformity. I made the drawables out of existing wordpress icons. The dashboard screen doesn’t have a proper background too. Would need a little bit of help from the UI team there.

I hadn’t uploaded screenshots of my work last week and I decided to combine them with this week’s post.

  • After going through many other apps and discussing with my mentor, I made some latest changes to the dashboard, so that it is more user-friendly. It now contains 3 rows and 2 columns, with a Quickpress button at the bottom for easy posting.
  • Due to this reshuffling, adding new stuff like Pages aren’t directly visible. Therefore the quickest way to add them would be to click the + symbol in the action bar. Upon clicking the plus symbol, the user would be able to see a QuickView. (I implemented it with the help of a Quickview source code written under the new BSD License. Have to discuss side issues regarding this.)
  • I have also converted the line graph in the stats section to a columnar bar graph to make it similar to that of the original WordPress stats site. It needs a little more tweaking to accommodate views for different interval of days:
  • The existing comments section looks a little bit cramped. So, I decided to make it look more like the Gmail android app, where there is a check box by default, and clicking upon any one of those would invoke the options section. (I have smudged out some details. Took a print-screen screenshot to show where my mouse pointer is. It implies clicking.)

What next:

There are a few issues with the Drafts view and refresh all features and I will try to finish them asap. I would also try to enhance the column graphs for the stats. I will also do some bug fixing and test the app on different emulators (I have only one actual android device with me).

Would love to get some feedback from the community. 🙂