Template Versioning – Week 8

This week I refined the UI a bit and then began work on supporting external VCS Adapter plugins. As it is now external plugins will register themselves via a call to theme_versioning_register_vcs_adapter($instance_of_the_external_adapter) I coded a dummy VCSAdapter plugin that implements the VCSAdapter interface but returns hard-coded values for testing purposes. I am also playing around with the settings API in order to allow the user to select which external adapter they wish to use.

In addition I resolved some issues with the code in the repo- I had some conflicts which prevented code from being committed (as a result I have resolved never to use the eclipse plugin svn, and instead to do all commits via command line). I also resolved a few incompatibilities with php 5.2.4 – I was running 5.3 and Dominik pointed out that he was getting an error on his WordPress installation when he tried to activate my plugin. Going forward I will test the plugin using php 5.2.4 to ensure compatibility with all versions of php that WordPress supports.