Things are coming along at the WP Document Revision camp. Document permalinks and URL rewriting are up and running. Each document is given a persistent URL that always points to the latest revision of the document (e.g.,  Each subsequent revision is also given a permalink (e.g.,

Documents also go through the standard wp_rewrite/wp_query process that normal posts do, so WordPress’s built in security functions (e.g., user-level permissions, public/private toggles, etc.) should continue to work as expected.

Right now the number appended to the revision is simply the post_id of the revision, but I’d love to see it as an indexed list (e.g., revision-1, revision-2, revision-3, etc.) before the 1.0.

After some helpful mentor feedback, had some time this week to think ahead and tackle a handful of bug fixes and further refinements from the past weeks’ sprints including a second pass at  the revision log RSS feed query/loop.

Next on the chopping block is starting to add a few workflow enhancements (e.g., document status, etc.).