Revision 1: This week I got revision logging and RSS roughed into place. 

Revision 2: This week’s task was revision logging and RSS.

Revision 3: I tangoed with the siren song that is $wp_rewrite and I lived to tell the tale.

After a rather hairy ordeal with rewrite rules and its fellow temptress $wp_query, revision logging should be up and running, absent a few known bugs. Revision logs (read: “commit messages”) are stored in the post_excerpt field, and displayed in a custom meta box with the relative date, editor, message, and ability to restore each revision. This revision log is also available via a custom RSS feed.

Still in the works is figuring out how to authenticate that feed (HTTP? Append a key / hash?), H/t Nacin for some hash-code inspiration; still have to refine the query that powers the feed.

Next week has in store permalinks and public/private toggling, which should result in permalinks for each revision (e.g., foo-revision-3.doc)