Trac Annihilation – Weekly Update

This was a strange week for me. I had two major exams on the Uni, and just when I thought that I have my head clear for GSoC, my computer started crashing and I spent 4 days recovering my PC (fortunately, I was able to recover the WP copy I was working on with my patches, but after the 1.6.sth Tortoise SVN update the patches contained whole files, despite no difference in code apart from single lines :P). So, I’m merging the svn-generated patches with the trunk, recreating the correct patches and I think that tomorrow I will finally be back on my feet with 3 patches for the tickets from my last week’s post. Now I see that it’s the “commit late, commit rare” work scheme really doesn’t work, so I will be doing daily updates 😉

BTW @”student status” post: “Jakub” and “Kuba” refers to the same person, that is me 😉 I guess this falls under the “strange week” category, too 😛