Android app – Weekly update

Hey guys,

This week, I integrated the Dashboard icons with their respective activities. I had a bug which I could not find, until I discussed it with my mentor, Dan Roundhill who found the bug in a few seconds. 🙂 I was able to re-order the work flow of the app to something more intuitive.

So, the following have been implemented:

  • There is a Dashboard in a grid-like manner, where each item is clickable.
  • When the user clicks “New Post”, the app takes him/her to the activity for creating a new post ( with the isPage attribute as false).
  • When the user clicks “New Page”, the app takes him/her to the activity for creating a new page ( with the isPage attribute set to true).
  • When the user clicks “View Posts”, the user is able to view the existing posts ( with viewPages attribute as false).
  • When the user clicks “View Pages”, the user is able to view the existing pages ( with viewPages attribute as true).
  • The user can view the comments” on his blog upon clicking the “Comments” icon.
  • Upon clicking the “Statistics” icon, the user can view the stats for his/her blog.
  • The Blog settings can be accessed by clicking the “Settings” icon.

My mentor also suggested making the Dashboard as the first screen after the splash screen instead of the blog-chooser screen and shifting the blog-chooser to the Action bar.

UI for icons

I discussed with my other mentor, Isaac Keyet about the UI of the icons and he agreed to provide me with better-looking icons in a few days. I was discussing about the iOS app for WordPress with him too, to compare features and make the existing Android app better.

Action Bar

Regarding the Action bar, I had thought that the Compatibility Library provided by Google provides the Action Bar too. But going through , I realized that it is not supported. So I am creating a custom xml layout for that view and am working on it right now. I am planning to use the Fragments API for this, using the Compatibility library. I am reading more on it and will implement the Action bar soon.

Blogging about it

I would also like to mention that I have started blogging about the code for the WordPress Android app in my blog:, during my free time. Blogging about it would let the community and everyone else understand the code for the app and help them contribute. This serves as an encouragement for me too, as I am able to document what I do and assess myself. I feel that I would be able to code much more efficiently due to this.