Template Versioning Weekly Update #6

What I was doing

I started off this week exploring various ways of implementing Diffs and highlighting, and tinkering around with some code, but after a chat with my mentors the other night we decided to wait on implementing diffs until a future iteration. For the scope of this project it is to be considered a “bonus feature” if I get to implementing diffs. I still think it is realistic to get diffs and highlighting implemented before the midterm, but it is no longer firmly a part of the schedule, and we have prioritized other matters.

After the chat

I cleaned up my code and made changes so that it conforms to WordPress coding standards including naming all methods with snake_case and all class names in Word_Case and using WP_Error as opposed to triggering PHP errors/warnings. In addition I added some more documentation, fixed some errors and got rid of some old junk code in preparation for my mentors’ first code review.

Current Status

Currently I am beginning work on the UI. The reasoning behind this is that even though the plugin does not yet support setting non-default VCS interfaces, at very least, with the UI in place I will have a functioning, useful deliverable.

Revised Priorities/Schedule

Given my talk with my mentors I have decided that the following are my priorities:

  1. Implement the UI, get it reviewed by the UI team: goal- have this done by the end of next week
  2. Implement the ability for VCSAdapter plugins to register themselves with the main plugin and have the main plugin remember them (will likely use the settings API). Code a dummy plugin to test this.
  3. Add a settings page in which the user can select which VCS they want to use: either the default VCS or any VCS Adapter that has been installed as a plugin (assuming that it correctly registered itself with the main plugin). The dummy plugin will be used to test this functionality.

Any left-over time before midterms will be used to implement diffs, and if I somehow get things done way more quickly than I have planned, then I may begin work on an svn VCSAdapter plugin.