Language Packs – Update 6 – June, 9th, 2011

This week I was working on tickets #70 Generating Virtual po and mo Files, #71 Adding Functionalities to Plugin and #74 Support for Batch Requests on the API Endpoint.

Ticket #74 is finished. I should only remove redundancy from table revisions on the API endpoint side (Ticket #101).

I decided to reformulate ticket #70 and instead of creating virtual po and mo files, exploit existing ones on for plugins made by wordpressdotorg.

Ticket #71 is a lot of complex, so I finished the first deliverable “List all plugins and themes”. I want to do it in the spirit of WordPress 3.1. via class WP_List_Table (Ticket #102).

I also decided to divide ticket #71 into new tickets:

I am elaborating three possible enhancements:

  • Renaming the file structure of po and mo files on the API endpoint from dir/plugin_name-version-revision-locale.ext to dir/plugin_name/version/revision/plugin_name-locale.ext. This should have removed need to rename po and mo files when plugin downloads it;
  • Possibility to change current locale dynamically ticket #105;
  • Making list of plugins and themes as a child class of WP_List_Table ticket #102.