Enhanced Emails – Weekly Update #6


I’m finally back to work :)I have almost all email designs ready.  Sorry for being a few hours late but I’m still polishing the details and since for the last hours I was moving things 1px at a time it took me some time to prepare these 😛 Here is the basic “new blog” e-mail, the simpliest of all designed templates. I decided to go with nice HTML styling and use an image only for a logo – since many clients don’t display images unless you whitelist the e-mail author, it’s better and nicer to have all things styled with CSS.


At first I wanted to go in a direction similiar to https://gsoc2011.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/emails3.jpg  , but I think the inner box fits nicely.

Here is another one, with a comment notification:

I’m going for my last check up right now and I’ll follow up with other polished designs as soon as I come back 🙂