It’s been a productive week over here on team Document Revisions. The goal was to tackle the core of the plugin, upload handling and revisioning, and things are on track and looking good.
  • Moved admin functions to a separate include file
  • Created option to store documents in a folder other than wp-content/uploads, such as a folder above htdocs or public_html for greater security
  • Plugin now rewrites all document filenames on upload to a md5 hash so they cannot be accessed directly
  • Added lots of in-line comment goodness
  • Internationalized strings
  • Took an initial pass at JavaScript to automatically close the media upload box upon successful upload
  • Lots of bugfixes and general code improvement
 In addition to further refining the above, next on the chopping block is maturing the revision log and looking into creating an RSS feed or two. You’re more than welcome to grab the code and code and kick the tires. Things are still a bit rough, but the core functionality is should be there.