Android UI – Weekly Update

I have been working on the Dashboard interface in a grid-like format till now. I have uploaded the code here.

As my project involves working on an already existing product, I had a few initial teething problems trying to get my code work without breaking the existing app. The users can view a Dashboard right now but they haven’t been connected to their respective Activities yet. I am right now working on completing the Dashboard and will be done by this weekend.

About the icons themselves, I would have to talk with UI team and make them better. I don’t think it would take much time, though.

I will start work on implementing the Action Bar after this. Regarding the Action Bar, I learnt that we could code for versions <3.0 as well, using some static libraries provided by Google themselves. This is the case with Fragments too. I will putting up more details shortly. I went through the source code for the Google I/O 2011 schedule app as well, for understanding this.

Any feedback/suggestion is welcome.