WordPress Move – Weekly Update 5

After spending the last Friday night at the emergency service, I decided to give a little break as I am already ahead of schedule (thankfully!). After resting for a few days, I created tickets for the rest of the tasks as I promised last week. Then, I started working on my next task which is writing tools that are going to be used to backup files. First, I looked for libraries that I can use to archive files and soon I decided that using PclZip is the best way to go. After writing a few simple functions that will streamline some processes (creating and extracting archives) using PclZip, I thought WordPress must have needed archiving somewhere so they must already have a library included. A few seconds later, to my surprise, I realized that WordPress too chose PclZip which is great. Anyway, this task is not completed yet as I need to consider every case and write every single function I may need.

Also, I started creating the plugin but since there is not much to see, I am not committing it to the repository for now.

That’s all, see you next week!