Language Packs – Update 5 – June, 2nd, 2011

This week I made my first contribution to plugin ticket #69. I added page structure and some icon, which will be changed.

I also think about following things:

  • Some languages have their specific things, RTL such as Arabian and Farsi, Serbian have the plugin for cyrilic/latin conversion.
  • Some plugins and themes load their  mo files via function load_plugin_textdomain and this should be ignored and textdomain should be loaded via wp-content/languages directory, if language packs plugin is activated.
  • For the next update I will do the list of all specific issues for all languages, support for batch requests on the API endpoint (Ticket #74), list of all fields on plugin forms and their implementation via Settings API (Ticket #71), and add po and mo files for core, some themes and plugins for testing purpose (Ticket #70).