WordPress Move – Weekly Update 4

On Wednesday, I had my last final exam which means GSoC is now my full-time job. I decided to complete as many tasks as I can to leave more time for bigger tasks, so I completed my first two tasks in my schedule:

After a little planning on paper to see what I will need during the creation of the plugin, I realized that for the first task I only needed to write 4 functions:
  • Function to create the database backup
  • Function to remove the database backup
  • Function to list database backup files
  • Function to download the database backup
These were quite easy, so I wrote and committed them right away.

Then, I moved onto the second task which required creation of a database backup with URL replacements made. At first, I thought this was going to be rather complicated but soon I realized that writing a function to make replacements in serialized strings and slightly modifying the function that creates the database backup would be enough. So I did that and modified create_database_backup() to take two parameters: old URL and the new URL. Therefore if you pass those parameters, it creates a database backup with replacements made on the fly but if you don’t, it will just backup the current database as is.

You can find the outcome of those two tasks in libs/functions-database-backup.php under my repository.

In the following days, I will create tickets for the rest of the tasks and move onto the next task on my schedule:

  • June 14th – Tool to archive files should be written by now.
I am currently 11 days ahead of my schedule as I planned, so it is good to know that time will not be an issue to worry about.

That’s all, see you next week!