Coding officially begins today. I have a shiny new dev environment set up and pulling directly from SVN. I added each week’s task to the project’s Trac. The scope/approach has been finalized, and the few concerns we had about security and IA have been, for the most part, quelled. It looks like I may actually be a bit ahead of schedule, per the project timeline, but look forward to using the opportunity to get a head start setting up the custom post types, and anticipating some challenges I may have down the road.

The first challenge I know of is the ability to close the media upload dialog, once a document has been successfully uploaded (as the normally post-upload options, e.g., description, caption, etc., are not necessary). I’ve been able to stuff some javascript into an unrelated filter, but it’s not pretty. Going to continue to discuss the issue with my mentors, but anyone have any insight/experience with this?