Weekly Update

I do realize that I am late in putting up this post and I apologize for this. I have been looking into various ways of going about my project.

As of now, I have been watching more videos on UI for Android apps and Google I/O videos seem to be the best reference. I would be following most of the guidelines mentioned there. I have also been looking into other non-conventional means of developing Android apps (non-Java) like Appcelerator Titanium, for instance. I feel that these would be help make writing apps faster, but there is always the problem of integrating the existing features of the current app.

I discussed with my mentor more about my schedule and these are the few things that he suggested:

Add new dashboard view with icons for new post, photo, video, stats, settings etc
Add an action bar that is always available at the top of the app that allows for quick navigation to other areas of the app
Add QuickPost button and search functionality to the action bar
Convert app to show data for all blogs in the posts, pages and comments view. If desired the user can drill down per blog. If you create a new post, you select the blog that you want to post to in the compose view.
Show FreshlyPressed posts from WordPress.com homepage in a fancy way at the bottom of the dashboard view.

As it is a UI related project, I feel that discussing about schedules and code may not be sufficient and I am working on a prototype of the app with the new UI. This wouldn’t come under the actual GSoC work but would help me proceed with the project in a smooth manner, by acting as a reference.

I will show the prototype to my mentors soon and release it to community too. I would also put up my framework of going about creating the app after getting the approval of my mentors.

I would also be using Google I/O 2011 app as a reference for my project.