File Uploader, Week 3

I started on coding this week (I have two weeks of unavailability later in the summer, so I’m starting early) and have gotten a LOT more done than I had anticipated. I committed the latest copy of WordPress from SVN into my GSoC repository, removed all of the swfupload-specific code, added plupload, and got it working as a backend replacement (at least, in FF4 and Chrome). My mentors and I discussed plupload’s runtimes (HTML5, HTML4, Flash, Silverlight, Gears, BrowserPlus) and we agreed that HTML5, Flash, and HTML4 were the ones to use as the others are not often used.

So, the uploader works with the HTML5, Flash, and HTML4 runtimes, and drag-and-drop is supported in Flash and HTML5 (depending on the browser).

I also talked with my mentors and implemented at their request the option to have images scaled down if they exceed the large image size in Settings > Media. If the browser is able to handle the resizing pre-upload, that resize is performed, and if it is unable, then PHP makes the resize at upload time – and it even preserves EXIF header data!

Feel free to take a look at the SVN log or checkout the code and let me know what you think.