WordPress Move – Weekly Update 2

This week, we had an IRC meeting where people pointed out pretty good points. One of them was regarding whether a standalone script is actually needed or not. I always thought the script would make the process easier as it would download and install WP but they also noted that WP is already easy to install and writing a script to download and extract WP is not needed at all. Even though I disagreed with them at the first place, after giving it a thought I realized they are right. Therefore, I am going to make a rather big change in my plans and instead developing a standalone script, I will make plugin able to both send and receive backups. Tomorrow, I will update my schedule and project details to reflect the changes. I really appreciate everyone who pointed that out, including my mentor, you saved me from doing a lot of unnecessary work 🙂

Also, I created a topic on the forum at WordPress.org to get users’ suggestions and opinions but did not get a reply there, so I guess I should check out other WP communities on the Internet, as well.

Update: You can now see the updated schedule on the project page.